The Hedax Project

With the use of a new IT infrastructure it’s become possible to exchange health data through individualised consent, while still being GDPR compliant, thus giving the user the right over their own health data.

This innovation has created a governance structure, that secures citizens’ control over the sharing of data that, up until now, haven’t been used in the most efficient way in regards to creating personalized medicine.

Denmark has some of the best registry data in the world and a near complete use of electronic medical records (EMRs).

The overall aim for the HedaX is to make better use of the Danish health data in combination with patient-generated health-related data for the benefit of the society, business, research and the individual citizens.

The HedaX project advances personalized medicine through the use of new health data sources and contributes scientifically in the fields of cancer treatment and bipolar disorder.

The project follows 1000 patients from each case, from the beginning of their treatment to where they are now.

The project focuses primarily on the applied cryptography, health economics and behavioral economics.

This project has been made in collaboration with Secata, Data For Good Foundation, DataFair, Alexandra Instituttet, Klinisk Epidemiologisk Afdeling Århus Universitet, Region Hovedstaden, Kræftens bekæmpelse, H.Lundbeck, Monsenso and DPO Management.

Contact for the project is Troels Bierman Mortensen who can be contacted at or at:

+45 31 55 10 15

Visit the HedaX website at for more information.