The OSCAR Project

In Denmark we have some of the world’s most complete health data on diseases and treatment. Those data can provide a valuable insight into the incidence and frequency of diseases over time. With the use of health data, it’s possible to determine a more precise treatment for the individual patient.

The OSCAR project will develop a secure, virtual platform for the analysis of encrypted and anonymized data from various Danish health data. With this platform it will be possible to provide aggregated analyzes quickly and safely, with full respect of the individual’s rights over own data. The analyzes can, among other things, provide valuable insight into clinical research, provide new knowledge about personalized medicine, and ensure better use of public resources through the development of innovative drug price agreements, based on real-time efficacy data.

The virtual platform can create easier access to integrate historical health data, in regard to clinical trials. Rigshospitalet will lead a clinical study with 2400 patients with breast- or lung cancer. Complete data sets are collected with mapping of the patient’s genome and hereby can the effect of standard treatment and targeted treatment be mapped and detailed, and there can  there be scientific insight and evidence for precisely the type of medicine that could potentially be the most beneficial for the patient.

This project has been made in collaboration with Rigshospitalet, Amgros, A-Evidence, Enversion, DPO Management, Secata, Roche and DataFair.

The project will follow 2400 subjects with either breast- or lung cancer

Contact for the project is Troels Bierman Mortensen who can be contacted at or at: 

+45 31 55 10 15

Visit the OSCAR website at for more information.