The CLIC Project

The CLIC project aims to build, test and implement a One Stop Shop for access to data and to services that reduce the time to market for, and increase the quality of, clinical image based AI solutions.

The health AI space is facing a paradox:

   -radiologists need AI solutions to analyse an accelerating stream of clinical images in the clinic.

   -time to market for AI solutions is long and costly due to limited access to health data and to annotated image data.

   -limited availability of expert radiologist to perform the manual annotation.

CLIC will develop new solutions for building, and securing access to, data lakes within a GDPR compliant governance structure and it will explore innovative models that reduce the need for manual annotation through better use of existing health data from clinical registries and electronic medical records.

A strong partner team will ensure successful implementation: partners are all leaders in Denmark in providing access to health data or in developing image based AI solutions. They share a clear vision: Denmark could become an attractive destination for companies seeking to develop clinical AI solutions provided that the current world class availability and quality of data is converted into world class access to data.

Project manager DataFair has a strong track record in developing health data sharing solutions and will  ensure that CLIC solutions and services will be available through the OSCAR One Stop Shop and thus ensuring financial sustainability upon project completion.

Contact for the project is Troels Bierman Mortensen who can be contacted at or at:

+45 31 55 10 15

Visit the CLIC website for more information.