The BLOCKDAP project tests an IT infrastructure that adds privacy to the blockchain.

The solution is applied to two specific cases with a focus on the role of health data in value chains from the citizen to selected parts of the health industry.

In addition, the project outlines the first steps towards establishing a marketplace (OSCAR) for confidential data, including the first proposal for an infrastructure for data exchange of private health data.

The BLOKDAP projected ended in marts 2021, the project was founded by The Danish industry Foundation with 4.8 mio. DKK Project partners: Alexandra Instituttet, DataFair, Data for Good Foundation, Secata.

Down below, you can watch webinars from the project. The webinars contain information about the results achieved in the project.

The webinars are in Danish.

Åbenhed og fortrolighed kan kombineres

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Borgeren kontrollerer selv sine data

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Privacy and Blockchain

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GDPR Samtykke

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Forretningsudvikling ved hjælp af sundhedsdata

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